Launching a new product can be tricky business

April 8, 2014

For all small to medium size business’s it can often feel like a shot in the dark when launching a new product. The competition out there can be very strong and if you don’t have the competitive edge then you may just miss the boat at making that first impression really count.

You wouldn’t have a new product to launch if you didn’t think it was a great idea and a public demand for it.

For small business’s it can be a daily push to always ensure that your competitive edge is competitive enough. Consumers are very knowledgeable these days and they tend to have all their research done before they even consider your product, service or offer. To much research can definitely hurt the opportunity to be at the right place at the right time, for both client and consumer, and that is why, keeping your ear to the trending ground is probably more of an intuitive move than any marketing could provide. You need to know when to differentiate between launching your product at the right time, and launching your product prematurely.

JamiShel has prepared business plans, marketing strategies, and product launches for several clients. We have executed marketing ideas, marketing plans, and marketed company promotions for many years. We have worked with individuals too, authors, spokesman, TV presenters, actors and more. We like to build a personal relationship with our clients and partner forward together on all their marketing campaigns. The truth of the matter is that the evolution of technology has definitely changed the way business’s market, and the way consumers shop. It is vital to keep with the changes of time and technology, in order to keep the marketing edge that is required when launching new products.

The first step is to show the world that you are doing things differently.
The second step is to prove in a very short space of time, that you have something that they either need or desire.
And the third steps is to close your deal.

Without capturing this within a limited time frame, you can spend countless hours promoting a new product and missing that boat completely. Your first shot at the presentation means that you get to make ONE impression. Marketing a new product is a window to a whole new opportunity to showcase not only your product, but your entire company. We hope that you capture that edge and leverage it all the way!

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