Redeem a dream

March 16, 2014

Having worked with so many artists and musicians, we have seen all genre’s and worked with some amazing talent in the music industry. It is one of our favourite times when we come alongside people along their journey of life, and can be a fraction of that stepping stone towards helping them materialize their dreams. What we have seen in our past times, is that there are millions of dreamers in the music industry. Good for them for dreaming such a big dream, and holding onto it through extremely competitive times.

Having worked with many musicians, we get to see the many natural gifts and talents that some of them have. For some it appears to be a genuine passion, and a genuine desire to become a full time musician and perform their tunes for a living. It is pretty cool to see, and always an honour to encourage them.

How do you redeem a dream?

If you have a dream, which we all do, some just take a very long time to realize it, you should be pursuing it everyday. When we started out with JamiShel over two decades ago, we were energetically encouraging others, and with our business model, empowering our clients to further themselves, and to further their business and their dreams. Once you have a dream and you consciously acknowledge it, you must put goals in place. Once you have goals in place, you put a plan in place. With a plan you can consistently push forward with your vision. Pushing forward consistently at what your dream is in your heart, is the very essence of pursuing your life. We are meant to live in a place of happy pursuit. We are meant to work on things we love. We are meant to feel encouraged by what we put on hands to work on. Dream. Goals. Plan. Vision. Pursuit. = Happy life!

You redeem your dream by doing something about it!

There is never a perfect time to start taking action on your dream. Right now is the perfect time to start. If it involves your dream, then take one action right now that makes you feel and see that your dream is about to become true. Your dream can only remain a dream for as long as you hold onto it and don’t allow yourself the release to make it happen. Think, take action and believe in your dream. Every action will lead to a new and positive reaction.

JamiShel can help you take the next step in redeeming that dream.

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