The nuts and bolts of putting on your own conference

May 21, 2014

With the tools available online nowadays, it is very possible to put on your own small to medium size conference. Always keep in mind that the world wide web has a lot to offer. There are a ton of integrated online tools and systems that simply allow people to connect. Cyber space allows people to connect  anywhere in the world, and to connect at the same real time. With technologies that have dashboards that have so much to offer, the experience of living in cyber space can also make you feel disconnected from humanity, and maybe eveen overwhelmed by the abundance of choice.

The real need for a conference comes down to a few basic benefits, however, benefits that are potentially the greatest fundamentals in building your business and future.

  • Relationships: Without the one on one interaction, you know the face to face time, not face time, human to human time!

  • Tools: Conferences empower connections in like minded industries, and conferences often have demo’s of tools and the latest releases. Demo’s are easily done, and questions are easily answered.

  • Networking: Online networking is powerful, but personal networking still holds the human link to it, and that is definitely a power to have. The personal feeling of being connected to each other.

  • Energy: At a like minded conference there is an energetic synergy. This change in environment, pace and thought process, can simply reignite, reengage and reestablish goals, visions, and passions.

If you put on your own conference, always keep the above basic points in mind. Ensure that there is a demand for your conference. That is key.

JamiShel have offered turn key conferences to many clients. We have put together conferences that

were elite, intimate, and very well presented throughout an entire weekend at places all over the world, like the Saxon in Johannesburg, South Africa, mega size Aren’s in Africa of almost 12000 delegates and in North America some 5000 attendees over a period of 3 days of full length conferences. If you think a conference is needed, we will gladly discuss the opportunity together, and tailor a package to suite your need.

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