Its a half a century birthday party!

June 18, 2014

Turning 50 years old depends entirely on your perspective of life. You could look at it as though your life is now only starting. The past 50 years were all one big learning curve, and now is the time to really start living!  If it is you or someone you know or maybe your loved one is turning 50 years old, make sure they get a party suited simply to their personality, lifestyle and representation of their lives. That’s awesome. You should be really excited. You know the saying, that with age comes great wisdom, well, that is absolutely true. The decisions we make today, affect our tomorrow, and celebrating 50 years means you have done way more right than can be spoken for, and now is a better time than ever to start making all the right decisions for a better, brighter future.

This is no small affair. A lot of planning goes into a birthday that is celebrating five decades of life. There are to do lists, task lists and preparation lists available online, as well as in most book stores. There are multiple books available on planning events and bringing parties together for all occasions. Having an event planner/co-ordinator is definitely one of the most important “peace of mind” decisions you can make for your party. Arranging a family think tank to plan and prepare the guest list, choose invitations, choose your venue, and even taste your cake are all fun ways to get excited about celebrating such a big event. When it actually comes down to the day of the party, and wanting to soak up the pure enjoyment of the turn of a century. Whilst the celebrations are going to be the cream on the cake, it’s that cherry on the cake that you have to be prepared for.

Whats the cherry?
Turning 50 years old is a lifetime milestone moment!
Soak it in. Enjoy it. Embrace it.
Do your prep and planning beforehand, but, most importantly, enjoy the actually moments happening to you and that time in your life. You know the moments where those that have gathered together, have the opportunity to remember memories together, and seize the moments of the celebration.
There are a lot of details that go into planning a 50th birthday celebration, and JamiShel can help plan and event co-ordinate your party. Our involvement is up to you. We want you in on it all, however, we also know how the actual experience of a lifetime should be celebrated in freedom and fun. Turing 50 is no small occasion, this one is BIG, and we want to see you celebrate it BIG.

Decide what 50 years of your life looks like, write it down, map it out, and just do it!

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