Its not to early to choose the venue for your company Christmas function

July 30, 2014

It’s usually around August/September that the corporate planning committee decides to sit down and choose the perfect venue for their company Christmas party. If they leave it any longer, that probably means that their company will have to settle for the second choices on venue hot lists.

When choosing the right venue for your company, always consider the culture of your team. Oftentimes a venue is chosen on a personal choice basis, and not on the basis that the people attending actually enjoy certain specifics, or certain themes associated with the chosen venue. It would be impossible to satisfy all the needs of those attending, however, a good idea of what the general consensus is, is always a good place to start. The voting majority can often sway the mood and energy of a party. If you are the one that is choosing the venue for your company end of year party, always consider the following five things:

  1. Does the venue suite majority of your company’s culture and diversity

  2. Can you see your crowd in this venue having a great time

  3. Do you have a self agenda? Like is this your boyfriends moms favourite place to party

  4. Is there an opportunity at the venue to create a memorable experience for all attending (especially being Christmas time)

  5. Does the venue have good reviews, especially for their food

  6. Does the venue offer something new for those attending

  7. And most importantly, can you see the value for money in your booking


If you invite your colleagues to a party that has something new, fun and potentially a positive experience for them overall, they are likely to not only attend and enjoy it, but they will also bank some memories!  In the end, you need to consider your outcome, ask yourself whether the end of year party will add positive experience to their lives, and that will add to their loyalty and commitment to their colleagues and their workplace. Staff are the backbone in every business, so why not take the time to plan and prepare for your valuable hard working company assets, and prepare well in advance to secure a prime venue for your companies culture. This is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate an evening of appreciation and fellowship.


  • Choose the right venue.

  • Make sure the food is delicious.

  • Prepare their seating with personalized details (planning in advance gives you the time).

  • Prepare the secret santa properly, or order their personalized gifts now.

Take the time to prepare a Christmas party that they can speak of for the entire following calendar year! OR lets us do it all for you and you simply enjoy the event!

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